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Choose a stylish option for blue-light protection

It has nothing to do protecting your data, or preventing identity theft online. Instead, it is focused on improving visual clarity and decreasing eye strain.

Gunnar Optiks In September, Tallac released new blue-light blocking computer glasses that accomplish this. The new eyewear line adds to the existing eyewear collection that is designed to help prevent symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

This company has been producing blue-light filters for years to protect eyes from digital screens. Gunnar has been specializing in computer glasses that block out blue light since its opening in 2007. Gunnar Optiks has a unique product with the Tallac line.

Tallac’s unique onyx frames offer a bold mountaineer style with an eye-catching large round shape made from premium acetate. The company noted that the side leather shields improve the effectiveness of blue-light filters.

According to the Vision Council of America (VCA), about 70% of U.S. adult users experience digital eye strain due to increased use of digital devices.

As I use several desktop and laptop monitors for research, writing, and editing, I am well-versed in eye strain. This product is a good way to fight eye strain.

Advanced Blue-Light Filtering

As soon as I put on my Tallac glasses, the screen appeared clearer and the text was slightly larger. I noticed that the more I used them, the better they made my eyes feel during long sessions.

The manufacturer says that the construction of special glass filters is one factor. The company adds small amounts of magnification materials to the glass composition.

This material enhances vision and reduces eye strain. Gunnar’s custom tints help to balance and filter the color spectrum, reducing artificial blue light emitted by backlit screens.

This Tallac frame has a unique design that helps keep the wearer focused. Gunnar’s computer glasses prioritize wearer focus over advanced filtering abilities.

The Tallac range features large, round frames with innovative styling. The two leather side shields are another design innovation that blocks peripheral light to provide maximum protection against light noise and total coverage.

Choose from a variety of fashionable options for eye protection

The Tallac frames start at $150, and are available in two lens options: clear and amber. Also available are prescription glasses and Tallac frames.

The blue-light filtering is no longer affected by the choice of amber or transparent lenses. When they were first manufactured, all computer and gaming glasses intended to reduce eye fatigue contained lenses with a yellow tint that was very noticeable. Modern technology does not require amber lenses. The amber lenses are nostalgic and make for a good fashion statement when worn in corporate settings.

Both options use filtering materials to block or absorb the blue light that is emitted by computer screens. Exposure to blue light, even if you don’t feel your eyes straining from staring at the monitors just before bedtime can prevent you from falling asleep. Both lens styles reduce the amount blue light that reaches you eyes. This serves to sharpen your contrast, protect your eye, and reduce any sleep disturbances.

Specifications for Design

The Tallac sunglasses have a bolder design than other eyewear. They include:

  • Lens width: 2.13 in
  • Nose bridge surface: 0.67 in
  • Earpieces length: 5.3 inches
  • Weight — including frames, lenses, and leather shields: 0.97 ounces
  • Case dimensions: 15 x 13 x 8 inches

The Tallac frames, as these specifications might suggest, have a strong and durable construction. High-quality hidden springs hold them together.

Tallac computer sunglasses also include:

  • Premium Glasses Case
  • Microfiber Pouch
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Guaranteed for 24 Months

Gunnar’s patented lens technologies contains upgraded materials with excellent optical and physical characteristics.

The lenses block harmful blue light as well as 100% of UV or ultraviolet light. These lenses are equipped with a dual-sided, anti-reflective, lens coating. They also have Oleophobic treatment to repel water, oil, dirt, and fingerprints.

Bottom Line

The experience of wearing Tallac glasses with blue-light filters was enjoyable. For a few weeks, I wore the glasses regularly during my working hours.

The large frames were comfortable to wear for long periods. The side wedges were initially a concern, but I never had any problems with them.

Gunnar Optics warns that blue-light filters are not the ultimate eye shield, as people believe. Note this if your eyes are exposed to computer screens eight or more times a week for work, play, or both.

Medical reports support the use of blue-light filters. Computer glasses can reduce eye strain and promote a healthy circadian rhythm.

Gunnar claims that their blue-light blocking lens technology filters up to 98% harmful blue light from digital screens. These lenses reduce eye strain, headaches and blurred vision.

Tallac computer eyewear could be a perfect gift during the holiday shopping season for business associates or family members. You can buy them at the Gunnar online store.

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