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Mobile Gaming: The Growth and Prospects of Slots

In recent years, the mobile gaming industry has seen unprecedented growth. A big portion of this surge can actually be attributed to the popularity of none other than mobile slots. These digital slots have not only changed the gaming landscape, but they’ve also carved out a pretty big niche in the world of online gambling. 

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, 1 in 6 pokie players use mobile or online casinos to enjoy this hobby. The compactness, convenience, and support for different payment options play no small part in driving the growth of online slots. A quick look at payidpokies.co reveals different kinds of mobile slots for which you can make payments without revealing any personal information whatsoever. And that’s just one aspect of the advantages players can enjoy by switching to mobile. To that end, let’s examine the growth factors and discuss the future prospects of mobile slots.

The Growth of Mobile Slots 

The evolution of smartphone technology has played a crucial role in the growth of mobile slots. Faster processors,  improved touchscreen functionalities and better graphics hardware allow for a more immersive gaming experience. 

Not only that but the rollout of 5G networks allowed for more stable connection in any part of urban setting. So, more bandwidth-consuming games were also playable without any lag. Finally, we mentioned that payment tech played a huge role. But, it’s important to note that casino brands focused their marketing efforts on promoting slots.

Casino Promotions

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Out of all casino games, slots are by far the most profitable ones, as casinos can get between 5% and 10% of players’ money. In other words, casino brands are mostly interested in hosting slots and given this big demand gaming studios channel their efforts into creating more enticing slot experiences. 

Not only that, but most promos that are available today give match on deposits or award free spins. Bonus funds are subject to rollover terms, and meeting these terms is easier if you only play slots. Free spins on the other hand are a form of gamified promotion, where you play for free and your winnings are added as bonus funds, which are again subject to rollover terms.

In other words, anyone who wants to play on a budget and benefit from casino promotions, will most likely have to play slots. That’s pretty much the majority of gambling enthusiasts around the world.  

Lastly, gambling brands figured out how to make online slots a tad more social. They started hosting tournaments that are free. So, players could compete for their place on the leaderboard and even get some neat prizes. 

Market Prospects

The future looks incredibly bright for this game genre, thanks to constant tech advancements and shifts in what players want. Mobile slots likely to rake in a big chunk of this growth once we see a more massive rollout of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) games.  Even now we have niche trends like meta casinos that draw in the crowds by offering super immersive and interactive experiences. 

Meanwhile, more and more countries are starting to get on board with online gambling. The potential legislative changes around the world could open new doors for the industry. Some examples would be the Netherlands and certain Canadian provinces like Ontario. 

There are also speculations that future releases will incorporate skill-based elements. This would make new slots resonate better with younger audiences that grew up playing arcades and console games. 

Finally, slots are still using the HTML5 framework which is compatible with other smart devices. Down the line, it’s possible to see releases that are more compatible with smartwatches. This would once again increase accessibility and win over some new players. 

Recently, many tech businesses have jumped onto the AI bandwagon, and the iGaming industry might do something similar. There are already features like odds calculators for pokers and betting and slots might be the next-in-line for AI assistance.  Having a tool that can suggest relevant content and bet size based on your budget would be a neat feature to have in online casinos. 

It’s difficult to talk about the future without mentioning cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech. The new payment system has had a big impact on this industry as a whole. Namely, it has made offshore operators way more appealing. The biggest pain point, cross-border transfers, was practically eliminated. What’s more, it has allowed gamblers to play slots anonymously without sharing personal info. 


The sun is setting on the era where desktop gaming reigned supreme. Say goodbye to messy mobile interfaces when visiting casino sites. Say hello to slots with fantastic graphics, immersive gameplay, and a myriad of state-of-the-art payment methods. Whether you’re a gambling enthusiast or if you just like to keep an eye on the latest market trends, the trajectory of mobile slots is sure to be an interesting one.