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New Wix AI Platform Promises Speedy E-Commerce Site Creation

A new AI website creator was announced on Monday. This generator promises to help e-commerce companies create a stronger online presence.

Wix AI Site Generator is a new tool that, according to Wix, will simplify the process of building, designing, and managing websites.

Rob Enderle is president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group A firm that provides advisory services in Bend, Ore.

“This removes the expert from the equation and gives the end-user control over the process. It can result in a faster and cheaper way to get the website finished,” he told E-Commerce Times.

Eric Lessman co-founder Bluecap The Wix AI Site Generator was praised by, a Joplin, Mo.-based website design firm, for its ability to help businesses launch a site faster.

He told the E-Commerce Times that he hoped to achieve a better result with his templated solutions such as WordPress and Shopify.

He added, “Seeing is belief and a lot businesses get caught up in the project planning phase.” “Seeing a website which closely matches your ideas, by only answering prompts is a major victory for a number of businesses, as it helps them conceptualize a viable MVP.”

MVP (minimum viable product) is a product that has the most basic features. It is used by early adopters to test ideas, collect customer feedback and validate concepts to determine whether there is a demand for them before investing in full development.

Customization is important

AI Site Generator, when released, will allow Wix users describe their intention and instantly create a unique and professional website.

The website is tailored to your needs and includes a homepage as well all the inner pages. These include text, images and any business solution such as restaurants, bookings or stores. With AI-integrated tools, users can customize and edit the website to meet their specific needs.

AI Site Generator, for example, is a powerful automation tool that allows you to customize the interface. Lessman says that customization can determine whether or not people or companies will stick with a particular platform. “E-commerce will require customization as the business grows.”

Drew Mansur added that customization is key to building a website aligned with a brand, and engaging customers. TileCloud Online-only tile retailer.

He told E-Commerce Times that “controlling the design, layout and user experience will allow you to create an online presence unique for your audience.”

He added: “I can see how AI-powered web generation could help businesses save time and effort by avoiding manual coding and designing work.”

He continued: “If we used AI Site Generator for TileCloud, we’d need to be able to customize the website in order to align it with our business goals and target audience as well as industry requirements.”

AI Tools Available in a Variety

Wix is also introducing:

  • AI assistant that can streamline daily tasks, create personalized strategies based on analytics data and site trends and suggest improvements to businesses.
  • AI-based page and section generator that generates layout, design, text, and other elements of new web pages or sections in response to user prompts;
  • A tool that allows you to remove objects from photos and manipulate them in a seamless manner.

Wix is adding these new features to an already crowded platform that’s bursting with AI tools. These include:

  • A text generator that uses Wix’s site creation knowledge and ChatGPT to create AI-generated text. personalized content For specific sections of a site, including customized titles, taglines and paragraphs.
  • AI template text creator can create the text of an entire website, including its home page and internal pages, by selecting a template and writing a short description.
  • An AI domain creator to help users select the perfect name for your brand by creating a long list of possible domains;
  • An AI image maker that creates images using descriptions from the user.

Small business woes

Small businesses that are still struggling to establish an online presence can find Wix very attractive.

According to a survey conducted in 2022 of 1 003 small business by Top Design Firms More than a third of small business owners (27%) do not have websites. The main challenges for those who do have a website are low traffic, adding more advanced functionality and the cost of maintaining and building a site.

“Developing an effective e-commerce website can be challenging for small businesses — like we were — due to limited resources, technical expertise, and budget constraints,” observed Mansur.

Enderle acknowledged that the lack of ecommerce knowledge can pose a challenge for small businesses. He noted that “small business owners don’t always understand technology, and haven’t really thought about their needs or requirements.”

Lessman said that the e-commerce obstacles for small businesses can vary widely, depending on the products they want to sell online.

He explained that “the more complex the product, or how many different types of products are available, you will need to do additional configuration and setup.”

“After the sale, there is process management,” he added. “Where will the inventory and financial reports take place?” Payment processing? Email campaigns? Email campaigns? Account issues? “There is a great deal to consider.”

He added, “There’s also management.” Once it’s been built, who is responsible for it? What do you do if a part of the selling process doesn’t work? “Sometimes the answers to questions like these are not so obvious.”

Intelligent Website Development

Lessman said that integrating AI in e-commerce websites will allow operators to better integrate their content and have a finer control of the development of their site.

This can also be used to improve the schema markup.

“Most tools ignore this, but e-commerce websites that have properly implemented and well-thought-out schema markup across all relevant pages are a huge boon for SEO,” explained he.

Mansur pointed out that as AI technology evolves, it has the potential to improve automation in website design by generating intelligent suggestions for design, improving user experiences, and streamlining content production.

He said that the new AI technologies promise more intuitive and efficient solutions than previous automation efforts.

Enderle continued, “The current generation of AI platforms is far more capable of taking past experiences into account to improve the outcome for current experiences.” “Previous tools did not learn by doing. AI learns by doing. This means that the tool will progress much more quickly, and be generally better than older automation technology.”