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Oracle Reimagines how Gen AI can make CRM better

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Oracle CloudWorld, held in Las Vegas this week, announced three major artificial intelligence (AI), with an increased focus on CRM and Service.

Oracle announced on Tuesday that it has added AI to critical areas like Intelligent Sales Orchestration and Guided Campaigns. It also released information about AI-Powered Account Links. The new offering will help sellers “do the right thing, with the right customer, at the right moment.”

Oracle has also highlighted software improvements that speed up the delivery of accurate service or information. AI can summarize a customer’s account across many interactions. This allows for quicker and more effective support.

The current focus on technology revolves around generative AI. According to Rob Pinkerton of Oracle, Senior Vice President for Marketing, this advanced form AI is becoming more popular.

“Generative artificial intelligence is excellent at summarizing, and writing. “We’ve made a number of announcements in support of this type of AI,” he said to CRM Buyer.

Oracle’s efforts allow CRM to responsibly utilize AI without going to public links, large language models (LLM), to take advantage generative AI.

New Gen AI Capabilities

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s (OCI) Gen AI service has been significantly improved by adding generative AI powered capabilities within Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience. These new capabilities have been embedded into existing Oracle Fusion Service process to improve customer service, increase productivity and enhance customer experience.

Rob Tarkoff executive vice president, general manager of Oracle Cloud CX said that the enhanced technology would improve the customer experience for CX professionals as well as their customers, by providing faster access to accurate information.

This functionality was added to help resolve customer service issues faster by increasing the productivity and efficiency of service agents. It also aims to automate and simplify manual tasks.

Tarkoff said that generative AI can significantly improve customer service by allowing it to summarize, author and recommend content.

Oracle Cloud CX hosts prebuilt and customized models to protect enterprise data and privacy. Customer data is not shared with LLM providers, or viewed by third-parties or other customers.

A customer can only use models that are trained using their data. Oracle Fusion Service workflows include role-based security that protects sensitive customer information and only displays content authorized by service agents.

6 Key Components

Oracle’s new embedded AI generative capabilities will improve the performance of embedded AI and transform the productivity of customer service agents, service stakeholder and other stakeholders by automating processes and streamlining content generation in a single integrated platform. These new capabilities include:

1. The Assisted Agent Responses Improve the productivity of service agents by assisting them to write responses to service requests. The new AI capabilities based on the history of service interactions can draft an initial reply that can be reviewed, edited and sent.

2. Knowledge articles that are Assisted To improve service team productivity, by reducing the amount of time it takes to create new knowledge base material. These articles help service agents quickly learn about new service issues.

3. Search Enhancement By integrating short answers to questions into search and chat, service agents and customers can get quick access to the information they need. This process involves enhancing search results and writing responses to questions within Oracle Digital Assistant.

4. Customer Engagement Summaries This will improve the productivity of service agents and administrators by providing summaries for key information contained in service requests. They will include the history of communication with the customer, internal staff, and the service agent to summarize the issue, the steps taken so far, and determine the next action.

5. Guided Guidance Authoring It helps product and services experts create and maintain questions that guide agents through troubleshooting, triaging, and other defined steps. The guides use relevant subject matter to quickly help administrators determine a process that agents can follow to resolve customer issues.

For example, assisted writing can help a service administrator at a manufacturing company or a high-tech firm capture a set of standard steps that Tier-one support agents must follow with customers before they escalate the issue to an expert resource.

6. Field Service Recommendations By providing access to content quickly in the field, you can improve the success of field service technicians. This approach will recommend contextually relevant content derived from trusted troubleshooting sources to improve the efficiency of technicians.

Oracle Fusion Marketing: Guided campaigns

Oracle also announced initiatives for marketing and sales teams to accelerate revenue through Guided campaigns using improved genAI features. Oracle Fusion Cloud Service’s new generative AI features include agent assistance, knowledge articles and administrator guidance. They also provide search augmentation, summaries of customer engagement, field service recommendations, and augmented responses.

“Pre-trained LLMs will change the way that we interact with people and content in our organizations. Tarkoff stated that “we can now communicate in a way we have never done before, with greater clarity.”

Oracle Cloud CX also includes:

  • AI-powered Account Linking Increases sales by allowing sellers to see all accounts at once, reducing renewal times, increasing upsell opportunities and speeding up the deal closure.
  • B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) Enhancements: Scores and identifies sales opportunities based on past engagement to uncover the next best contact for hyper-personalization among sophisticated enterprise buying groups.
  • Intelligent Sales Orchestration: AI insights and recommendations help sellers become more efficient, focused and effective.
  • Advanced Field Asset Tracking: Improved access to all relevant assets information increases field service productivity.

Innovative Designs

Mark N. Vena is the CEO and principal analyst of, who believes that Oracle Fusion Cloud CX, a customer experience platform, is a strong contender. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to automate sales, marketing and service. SmartTech Research.

“Oracle Fusion Cloud CX’s deep integration with Oracle’s broader cloud eco-system provides a seamless end to end solution,” he said. Its powerful AI and machine-learning capabilities improve personalization and predictive analysis, while its comprehensive package covers sales, marketing and service automation.

He said that the platform’s integration and versatility gave it an edge over other CX options. In CRM processes, the demand for efficiency and personalized experiences drives the use of gen AI applications.

“AI can analyze large amounts of customer data to gain insights, automate repetitive processes, and provide predictive analytics.” Vena said that data encryption and ethical AI techniques are used to protect sensitive information about customers. This ensures a safe and beneficial CRM experience.

Gen AI Is Now A Critical CRM Element

Oracle is a powerful vendor because they have a wide range of integrated solutions. Rob Enderle principal analyst, The Enderle Group‘s noted that integration can lead to increased reliability, uptime, and serviceability.

He told CRM Buyer that “given that customer relationships drive revenue,” assuring customers is of high importance.

CRM is an area where generative AI has a lot of potential. The use of this technology, assuming it is trained and implemented properly — which is not a given — will improve customer satisfaction and reduce labor costs, he offered.

Oracle’s announcements of new products stand out from the crowd because they are a step above other platforms. The products are also seamlessly integrated with Oracle’s other solutions.

Oracle does not work well together. Oracle applications will always perform better in an Oracle environment than third-party software. This might be the only way to avoid headaches in an Oracle shop,” Enderle said.

The Class of Their Own

Pinkerton gave a different view on what makes Oracle’s CRM strategy unique. But it’s less exciting than what others are saying.

“We are a company that specializes in engineering.” Oracle’s engineering systems will be a key differentiator for AI, both in the present and in the future.

This means two things.

Oracle’s platform allows companies to build business processes that leverage AI in the best way possible for their employees and customers, whether it is a private or public language model, or if the process has nothing to do with languages.

Pinkerton said that the options would be available at all points, including in the business and application process.

From Oracle’s perspective, it is the only company that provides a vertically integrated stack of software and hardware from top to bottom, primed to respond to the computing complexity of artificial intelligence — from bare metal to the database infrastructure to back office and front office applications to industry-oriented process development.