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Upgrade to Ubuntu Pro and get 5 Years Extended Support

If you use a version of Ubuntu with long-term (LTS), such as 24.04 Noble Numbat or later, all packages will be updated for five years following the release of the OS.

According to CanonicalUbuntu Pro is an annual subscription that offers a stream of additional security updates and software packages. There are different levels of support available for desktops, servers, and cloud deployments.

Ubuntu has many advantages. Its extended security updates can help businesses cut costs, and also address compliance issues.

Even regular desktop users will benefit from an Ubuntu Pro subscription. Free tier covers up to 5 machines.

Why Upgrade to Ubuntu Pro?

Ubuntu Pro subscriptions can be used for free by individuals, and the OS’s long-term maintenance can be extended for another five years. This extended support allows you to receive bug fixes and security updates without having to upgrade your OS manually.

Ubuntu Pro includes several security features that protect your data. These include kernel live patches and security fixes for packages in both the main and Universe repositories.

It Works

Upgrade to Ubuntu Pro is easy. Signing up online and selecting a license is all that’s required.

Canonical will then ask visitors to sign up or login for an Ubuntu One Account. The Ubuntu One account page displays the subscription information and security token once you have completed this step. This token is used to register Ubuntu Pro on your machine via the command-line.

Step 1: Prepare Your System Step 1.

Registering for Ubuntu Pro doesn’t require huge system-wide changes. It’s a good idea, however, to close and save any programs or files that are open before continuing. Use your favorite tool to perform a complete system backup, if you’ve not done so in the past.

Canonical’s own documentation suggests that Ubuntu must be up-to-date before upgrading Pro. You can do this via the desktop of Ubuntu 24.04.

  • Enter “update” in the search field (without quotation marks) after clicking the Workspace Switcher on the upper left.
  • To launch the Software Updater, click the Software Updater icon.

Software updater now launches and displays all available updates.

Enter your administrator password by clicking Install Now.

Click Restart Now if the system asks you to restart to apply any updates.

Open Terminal and type:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Click Y to continue the Ubuntu Upgrade.

Step 2. Check Your Ubuntu Version

Ubuntu 14.04 is required to register for Pro. Click the workspace switcher again at the top-left of the desktop if you are unsure which version you’re using.

Enter About and select it in the search field to see system information including the current version.

You can also verify the current Ubuntu version using Terminal by running:

lsb_release -a

If you’re using an older version, please follow these steps. Canonical’s support pages Before proceeding, upgrade your OS.

Step 3: Start Your Subscription Step 3.

Close all open windows once you confirm that Ubuntu Pro is compatible with your version.

Click to Go Buy Ubuntu Pro Start the subscription process. Before showing the main page, you will be asked to accept or manage tracking cookies by the Pro portal.

You’ll then be asked “Who will use this subscription?” Select “Me” to receive the free subscription up to five computers.

To continue, scroll down and click the Register button located at the bottom.

Sign in with Ubuntu One. Step 4.

Canonical offers a central login for all Ubuntu-based sites called Ubuntu One. You’ll have to sign in using an Ubuntu One account before you can continue.

Enter your email address in the box at the top and select “I do not have an Ubuntu One account.”

Then, you will need to enter your full name as well as the username that you have chosen in each of the fields. Your username must meet the formatting requirements.

Select a password, and then enter it in the field below. The password must have between 8 and 512 characters. Check the box below the page to confirm that you agree with Ubuntu One policies. Then click Create Account.

Step 5. Step 5.

Ubuntu One will send you an email with a link for verification to confirm your registration. Click on this link, then select “Yes, I’m Sure” in the browser to continue.

Ubuntu One will ask you for personal information on its new page. You can uncheck or check these boxes as you wish, and then select “Yes, Log Me In.”

Your subscription details and your free personal token will be displayed on the following page.

You’ll see that there is also a command under “Command for attaching a machine,” such as e.g.

sudo pro attach C13T9Nrt54pAk3beoC9igaVStWT9Nr

Launch Terminal after copying this command. Ctrl + shift + V the command, then enter. Ubuntu will now enable Pro services and download the necessary packages.

Step 6. Step 6.

Terminal should show all running services and available services after you register your device with Ubuntu Pro.

You can always double-check the results. Launch Terminal and run the following:

pro status ‑‑all

Pro enable is a tool that allows you to change the default settings. [service], e.g.

sudo pro enable landscape

Stay up to date

When you update your system, Ubuntu Pro will access Ubuntu Pro’s Expanded Maintenance Security Repositories.

Start Terminal and run the following commands to get started:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

After signing up for Ubuntu Pro you should run regular software updates to benefit from new software when it is released.

Editor’s Note: Canonical Ltd. has been credited with the Ubuntu screenshots used in this article.