Which sites can you share files anonymou...

Which sites can you share files anonymously with a link

Which sites can you share files anonymously with a link

Jul 18, 2022 09:31 PM Jay Alexander

It is now much easier to share files than ever before. This does not only apply to email or zip archives. Email was the most common method of sending data to clients and coworkers online until recently. Users feel powerless because email limits file transfers in terms file size and quantity.


There are many anonymous file sharing services that allow you to share files with other people without revealing any personal information.


The best anonymous online file uploader service that is completely free and easy to use. So let's take a quick look.


These are some sites that allow you to anonymously share files using a link.



We don’t know the reason you wish to send anonymized data. This should only be your business. These services may be the right choice for you, whether you're a whistleblower seeking to expose bad behaviour or a professional sending confidential information to a client.

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