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Upload and share your files for free.


Fastupload.io enables users to upload and share big files. In addition, it offers unlimited storage space for free and allows access without requiring an account. Generally, our service for sharing files via download link provided after upload, letting others download unlimited times.


Fastupload allows users to file-share without signing up. Select files from your desktop or phone to upload them on Fastupload. After the upload process is complete, users will receive a download link. Users can then share this link with others to download and access the files. After the file has been uploaded, the files remain active.


Fastupload.io can offer lightning-fast file sharing to all users because we do not limit access. Generally, registered users can upload 10GB per file, and non-registered users can also upload 10GB files. Moreover, you can rely on us whether you need files to download or to upload and share with others.


Advantages of Our File sharing Service Features:


  • File expiration time 

You can easily set the time when a file expires through the upload box. 


  • Sharing option 

A URL will be provided so that you may download your files. Anyone anywhere can access the URL. We will store your files on our server after completing the upload. If you want to download files from our service, you don't have to create an account as well. You can download it by clicking the URL. 


  • Multiple uploads 

You may need to upload more than one file at a given moment. No problem! You will not experience any delays when uploading multiple files simultaneously, and there is no requirement for you to register. The file uploading will proceed much more quickly than in the past, thanks to our lightning-fast servers. 


  • Ease of use 

As far as using this service, it's pretty straightforward. If all goes according to plan, you upload. As the last step, we create a URL you can easily share with other users. 


  • Transfer files as a Guest 

 You do not need to register in order to transfer files straight online is one of the most significant advantages offered by this service. You can share files with whomever you choose without having to sign up for an account. 


  • Manage files 

Sign up right now to receive a free account that gives you access to all the latest features! Manage your files quickly, delete them, and re-share them with your pals in one place. Downloads should be protected with a password. Files can be deleted automatically, folders may be created, and images and PDFs can be previewed. 


  • Files encrypted 

Files encryption is another fantastic feature offered by Fastupload. With the help of this feature, users can transfer files to our server over HTTPS while using TLSv1.3 and SHA256 for end-to-end encryption that will ensure their safety. All traffic to, from, and between our servers, as well as downloads of files from those servers. Moreover, Two-factor authentication is a feature that is available for user accounts. 



  • More straightforward to Access the Files 

The convenience of having quick access to online file sharing is one of the many advantages whether you are a marketing agent or a freelancer.




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