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Upload and share files for free. Select or Drag & Drop your files for upload. You can access them anywhere, share links with anyone, and they will be available at any time. —Max 2 GB per file.

Best Features

Unlimited storage

Unlimited storage

Upload Files Secure, Anonymous, Fast and Free! File uploads are available indefinitely, as long as they remain active. All extensions are allowed. There are no download or storage limits.

Fast upload

Fast upload has a variety of data centers in different regions around the globe, allowing us to provide lightning-fast file sharing to all our users. Whether you need files to download or upload and share, you can count on us.

Sharing option

Sharing option

Your files will be available for download via a link. The link can be shared with Anyone, Anywhere! We host your files in the Cloud after the upload is completed. There is no account required to download files from our service.

Multiple uploads

Multiple uploads

You may need more than one file uploaded at a given time. No problem! You can upload multiple files at once without any delay and no need to register. Thanks to our speedy servers, the file upload will be faster than ever.

Manage files

Manage files

Register now to get a free account with access to advanced features! Easily manage your files, delete or re-share them with your friends. However, keep in mind that your files must be legal and not violate our terms of use.

Files encrypted

Files encrypted

Securely transfer your files to our server using end-to-end encryption HTTPS, TLSv1.3, and SHA256. All communication to, from, and among our servers, including file downloads.

File sharing and storage made easy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you upload files?

Drag and drop the files into the uploader or use the upload box to choose the file. After the file upload is completed, you will be given a unique URL that can be shared with others.

How long do my files stay online?

Your files will be available forever. It will remain online as long as there has been an active download within the last 182 days.

What can I upload?

There are no restrictions on the types of files that you can upload. Whether you're a coder or a video uploader, the service allows you to upload files of any kind.

How much downloading is allowed?

No Limit is placed on the number of files that can be downloaded. Your file uploads can be accessed continuously and downloaded without any bandwidth restrictions.

Is really a free service?

The core file hosting services offered by are free for everyone. There are no hidden fees.

How can I download a file?

Simply click the "download" button if you have been provided with a unique URL for an upload file.

Why did my file get deleted?

Any file found to be in violation of any law or our terms and conditions will be deleted immediately. Your file could also be deleted after 182 days of no activity.

How do I report a file?

If you believe that the file violates any laws or our terms of service, you can use the "Report File” link on the download page. Or Contact Us.