Drag and drop the files into the uploader or use the upload box to choose the file. After the file upload is completed, you will be given a unique URL that can be shared with others.

Your files will be available forever. as long as there have been active downloads within the last 30 days.

Our service allows you to upload files of any kind as long as they're legal.

No Limit is placed on the number of files that can be downloaded. Your file uploads can be accessed continuously and downloaded without any bandwidth restrictions.

The core file hosting services offered by Fastupload.io is free for everyone. There are no hidden fees.

Simply click the "download" button if you have been provided with a unique URL for an upload file.

Any file found to be in violation of any law or our terms and conditions will be deleted immediately. Your file could also be deleted after 182 days of no activity.

If you believe that the file violates any laws or our terms of service, you can use the "Report File” link on the download page. Or Contact Us.

10GB per file for guests and 10GB per file for registered users.

On Fastupload.io, Whether you're sharing photos, videos, audio, or docs, Fastupload can simplify your workflow.