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About Fastupload.io Service

Online sharing file service has become relatively simple because of the widespread availability of the internet. File sharing is something that everyone is familiar with, whether they work for a corporation, as a freelancer, or simply want to share entertaining dog videos with friends, family, or business acquaintances. You can now access your work files without physically being seated in front of your work computer. You can access them from your laptop at home, your smartphone while you’re on the move, or your tablet while sitting on the couch, thanks to fastupload.io. In addition, your online life will be made safer and more secure because the upload and sharing service encrypts your data after they are uploaded, adding a layer of protection. 

Therefore, if you don’t already have a service that allows you to share and upload your data, you should give getting one serious consideration. Your choice of which one to use is determined by the types of files you intend to keep, the level of security you require, whether or not you intend to work with other people, and the devices you intend to use in order to upload and access your files. It is also possible that it will depend on how comfortable you are with computers. Our fastupload.io service is straightforward to use and provides more advanced features for those already familiar with the technology. 

Why choose us? 

Sharing files with Fastupload is a joy and takes very little time. You can send anything to anyone, even if they do not have a Fastupload account, as long as you simply share a link with them. This includes everything from images and movies to zipped folders and massive CAD files. Furthermore, you can use your mobile device, tablet, or computer from anywhere in the world to share links and data. In addition, users do not need to be concerned about file size constraints, which is not the case with email attachments. 

We can help you streamline your work process whether you’re exchanging photographs, videos, audio, or documents. After uploading your files, you will have the option to effortlessly distribute them via any social network, as well as by email and links. Primarily, Fastupload.io is one of the go-to tools for casual file storing and sharing because many people use it monthly to send and receive files with their buddies, family, fans, coworkers, and customers. This makes it one of the most popular file-sharing services. Simply, our service allows you to upload anything from any location on the internet, whether it be videos, Google Docs, spreadsheets, PDF, or audio. 

How does Fastupload.io Work? 

Fastupload.io enables customers to send huge files and avoid email attachment size limits. In addition, it offers unlimited space for users and allows access without requiring an account. Generally, our service for sharing files enables several users to make use of the same file or files by allowing them to read or view the file, make a copy of the file, or print the file. 

The working process is quite simple: 

  • Clicking the upload button online allows you to upload a file. Here, you can transfer multiple files at once, and there are no file size restrictions with Fastupload. 
  • The receiver will receive a link to the download, which they can click to initiate the download and do not need a Fastupload.io account to get and view the file. 
  • When you receive a file from another Fastupload.io user, it will display in your Inbox. Choose between downloading it immediately and uploading it to your Fastupload account. 

Our Fastupload.io Features  

The following are some of the essential features of file-sharing:

Fast upload 

Fastupload.io can offer lightning-fast file sharing to all users because we have multiple data centers in various areas across the globe. Generally, guests can upload 10GB per file, and users can upload 20GB per file. Moreover, you can rely on us whether you need files to download or to upload and share with others.  

Unlimited storage 

You will have an unlimited file storage feature, allowing you to save as much data as necessary in a secure manner. Additionally, you can upload files securely, anonymously, quickly, and for free! Uploads of files are accessible eternally so long as they are active. Each extension is permitted. There are no storage or download limitations. 

File expiration time 

You can easily set the time when a file expires through the upload box. 

Sharing option 

A URL will be provided so that you may download your files. Anyone anywhere can access the URL. We will store your files on our server after successfully completing the upload. If you want to download files from our service, you don’t have to create an account as well. You can simply download it by clicking the URL. 

Multiple uploads 

It’s possible that you’ll need to upload more than one file at a given moment. No problem! You will not experience any delays when uploading multiple files simultaneously, and there is no requirement for you to register. The file uploading will proceed much more quickly than in the past, thanks to our lightning-fast servers. 

Ease of use 

As far as using this service goes, it’s pretty straightforward. If all goes according to plan, you can simply drag and drop the file into the upload option. As the last step, we create a URL that you can easily share with other users. 

Transfer files as a Guest 

 You do not need to register in order to transfer files straight online is one of the most significant advantages offered by this service. You can share files with whomever you choose without having to sign up for an account initially. 

Manage files 

Sign up right now to receive a free account that gives you access to all the latest features! Manage your files quickly, delete them, and re-share them with your pals all in one place. Downloads should be protected with a password. Files can be deleted automatically, folders may be created, and images and PDFs can be previewed. 

Files encrypted 

Files encryption is another fantastic feature offered by Fastupload. With the help of this feature, users can transfer files to our server over HTTPS while using TLSv1.3 and SHA256 for end-to-end encryption that will ensure their safety. All traffic to, from, and between our servers, as well as downloads of files from those servers. Moreover, Two-factor authentication is a feature that is available for user accounts. 

Advantages of Our File sharing Service:

Easier to Access the Files 

The convenience of having quick access to online sharing files is one of the many advantages. Unfortunately, traditional file storage solutions are typically quite limited, and to work on the files; you might be required to be physically present at the company. However, it is not necessary to be physically present to access the files, nor is it necessary to have a flash drive; instead, it is sufficient to have an Internet connection to obtain the files from any location. 

Take into consideration the advantages that this provides. It signifies that workers do not have to be physically present at work to obtain the required files. Those who currently work from home, of which there are a growing number of people, might find this to be of assistance. This not only means that people from all over the country and the world will have access to the files, but it also means that your options for hiring people will be expanded as a result. It makes no difference where the individual working on the graphic design is located, as long as they contribute to the project in some capacity, whether they are an employee of your company, a marketing agency, or a freelancer. 

No Longer Need to Stress Over Misplaced Files 

Realizing that an important file has been lost or that a portion of the folder has been damaged or corrupted is one of the most painful feelings that can be experienced in the world. However, this risk comes into play when files are shared via email or on a local network. There is a risk of the file being lost if there are no backup copies created and stored after each time it is modified, so it is essential to take these precautions. There is always the possibility that the computer will malfunction or that someone will inadvertently delete or overwrite a file. Errors caused by humans occur more frequently than any of us would like to admit. 

However, our online file sharing service does not have this issue, and there should never be a situation in which an entire file disappears for no apparent reason. After it has been uploaded to the internet, it must remain available at all times and be simple to locate and use. 

Save money and storage space 

When you use a platform that allows for online file sharing, you can expect to see a reduction in costs for various reasons. To begin, your company won’t have to worry about purchasing server equipment and keeping it on the property. Instead, it will have access to the equipment through the cloud. The costs associated with purchasing the servers, running them, and maintaining them may be quite high. Our online file sharing service ensures you will not have to worry about these costs. 

However, there are additional ways in which it can assist you in reducing your expenses. It is now much simpler to access the necessary files, and you are free to carry out your work from any location. When you are utilizing a service such as fastupload.io, it is much simpler to track down the files and gain access to them. This helps you to save time, which typically translates into monetary savings for businesses of all sizes. 

When you opt for file storage and sharing rather than keeping everything on your own, you will save money and space. It won’t be necessary for your business to have a separate room devoted to server storage. This space might be used for something else, or it might mean that you can scale back the size of your building. You also won’t require an increase in the size of your information technology staff in order to manage the servers. 

Give Assurance of Security 

Maintaining adequate levels of security has historically been challenging for businesses, and this remains true today. However, the ability to share files online can make a significant dent in the number of security vulnerabilities present in businesses. In addition, because all of your company’s files are kept in a single location, the risk that careless employees will disclose confidential information to unauthorized parties is significantly reduced.  

Not all online platforms for sharing and storing files provide the same level of safety and protection. Several cloud storage services, including Dropbox, have fallen prey to cyber-attacks in recent years. Because of this, it is imperative that you go with a reliable platform such as Fastupload.io. On the other hand, here at Fastupload.io, we are fully aware of the significance of security, which is why we offer comprehensive protection for your files. This includes encrypting your files both while they are being stored and while they are being transferred.