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Leaker of Persona 6 gives an update on the game

The well-known Persona 6 The leaker revealed another update about the rumored JRPG that is in development. He also described Atlus’ focus on its current games. Persona 6 Since years, rumors have circulated that the game exists. The game’s existence has been rumored for years, but there is little evidence. In the last few months, a reliable leaker has been very communicative to fans. Her statements have been accurate, particularly when it comes current projects being developed at Atlus.

The leaker, known on Twitter as MbKKssTBhz5, aka Midori has shared accurate information about Atlus Games in the past. She confirmed the existence of an Persona 3 Make and a Persona 5 Before they were officially announced, tactical RPG spinoffs had already been announced. She has also been sharing information about Persona 6 Due to apparent connections between Atlus. Midori has provided fans with another update regarding the sixth game as well as what is currently being developed at Atlus.

Midori claims that Atlus won’t be working on a remake of the same size or scope as the upcoming Persona 3 Reload releasing in 2024. Then again, she claims there are only four Persona The rumored game is the priority of the total number of games currently being developed. Persona 6. Alongside the Persona 3 Remake and improve your work Persona 6Atlus also works on Persona 5 – The Phantom XThe announcement of the, announced in early this year, was made along with Persona Asa.

Midori’s earlier leak about Persona Asa She says that the crossover is between all five games with a release date of Q3 in 2024. She also drops another interesting bombshell in regards to Atlus, stating there was a Persona fighting game In development for a “long time” also. When asked to clarify the “was”, she stated that the game had been in and out development for quite some time.

Midori’s leak regarding Persona 6‘s release window Atlus plans to announce the game in 2024. According to reports, the “Asa’ spin-off game will be announced at around the same time.

Persona 6 Rumors suggest that the game is in development.