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Copyright / DMCA

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

fastupload.io induces Strict Policy against Copyright Infringement. In most cases, fastupload.io shall act within 24 Hours of period from the time of proper notification (Explained Below). However the response action may be delayed depending upon the cases or notification and their Verification. fastupload.io is an Online Service Provider under Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 512 ("DMCA"). This document outlines the policy that fastupload.io have introduced in order to implement notice and takedown policy as required by DMCA. This document guides copyright owners interested in utilizing this procedure, as well as service users interested in restoring access to material mistakenly taken down.

Copyright infringement ticket system

Fastupload.io recommends to file Takedown notices using the integrated copyright infringement ticketing system which provides quick and reliable means of processing notifications. Copyright infringement ticketing system is accessible at https://fastupload.io/report

Writing and Sending Proper Notification

The DMCA provides a legal procedure by which you can request any Online Service Provider to disable access to a website where your copyrighted work(s) are appearing without your permission. The legal procedure consists of two parts: (1) Writing a Proper DMCA Notice, and (2) Sending the Proper DMCA Notice to fastupload.io Designated Agent. To write a Proper DMCA Notice, state the following information:
1. Identify yourself as an owner of copyrighted work or exclusive rights that you believe were infringed, or a person acting on behalf of such owner, and provide a physical signature (when it is in paper form) or electronic signature (when it is in electronic form).
2. Identify the copyrighted work(s) that you believe is/are being infringed.
3. Identify the material(s) that allegedly are infringing your copyrighted work, by providing Web URL(s) on fastupload.io site that contain these material(s).
4. State your contact information, including your name, street address, phone number, and business email address. If you are acting on behalf of the copyright owner, please also describe your affiliation with the copyright holder (e.g attorney, vendor, agent).
5. State that you have "a good faith belief that use of the aforementioned material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agents, or the law."
6. State that the information in the notice is accurate, and under penalty of perjury, that you are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is believed infringed.
7. To exercise your DMCA rights, your Proper DMCA Notice must be sent to our mail ID "[email protected]". Please title the message as "DMCA NOTICE"

Notice and Takedown Procedure

fastupload.io will follow the procedures provided in the DCMA to properly enforce rights of copyright holders. When a Proper DMCA notification is received by our assigned DMCA staff, or when fastupload.io becomes otherwise aware that copyright rights are infringed, it will remove or disable access to infringing materials as soon as possible. You don't need to wait confirmation from us about this action. As previously mentioned, fastupload.io shall act within 24 Hours of period from the time of notification in most of its cases. However the response action may be delayed depending upon the cases or notification and their Verification.

Counter Notification

If users uploading or downloading materials believe that their use of materials was lawful, they reserve the right of sending a Proper Counter-notification in order to restore access to these materials. fastupload.io will comply with the appropriate provisions of the DMCA in the event a counter notification is received by our assigned Staff.

To write a Proper Counter Notice, state the following information

1. Identify the material with its description that has been removed and mention its URL prior to removal.
2. State, under penalty of perjury the following details
- Name, address, phone number
- you "have a good faith belief that the material was removed or access disabled as result of mistake or miss-identification of the material" you "consent to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the judicial district in which the address is located."
3. Sign the notification with either a physical or electronic signature.
4. To exercise your DMCA rights, your Proper counter Notice must be sent to our mail ID "[email protected]". Please title the message as "COUNTER NOTICE"

User's right to dispose access to Content

The decision how to utilize the access to the uploaded Content is made exclusively by uploading user upon his rights to Content.

Automated filtering

Fastupload.io has implemented automated filtering for shared Content to avert infringing of the User Agreement and supplemental polices. Upon the results of filtering recognized copyrighted and/or infringing Content shall be withheld from sharing. Such automated filtering is considered a supplementary measure and does not guarantee complete and accurate recognition of all infringing Content therefore it does not free copyright owner from the duty of identifying own copyrights being infringed.

Content privacy

Any Content accessible exclusively via private account within the terms of Fastupload.io services is private and thus presumed fair use unless validly stated otherwise by rightful party.

No authority to make judgment of Content

Without distinct Copyright owner's notification Fastupload.io has no authority to make judgment whether each user is competent to upload Content to its servers (e.g. whether such user is the owner of work, or is authorized a proxy of the owner; whether the Content is uploaded for personal use; whether the copyright has expired; or if the Content is used under fair use, etc.) Any Content is considered as consistent with User Agreement unless otherwise notified by Copyright owner or any other authorized person in each particular case.

Content availability

The Content is considered available and unremoved only upon the ability of successful downloading of whole intact files constituting such Content. Due to technical reasons Fastupload.io URLs database may experience lags, which may cause existence of URLs indicating removed or non-existing Content. Such URLs do not lead to Content and download attempts shall be denied by notification of a relevant error message.

File name

Files are named by user at own discretion for personal convenience. File names may uninformative, as well as human-readable, or supposedly descriptive of the alleged Content. However the Content cannot be characterized for the file name. Identification of the Content is only made upon accessing such Content in its entirety regardless of file names.

Plain text

Any messages, including Takedown notices are accepted as plain text. Any enclosed attachments are not opened or examined due to security reasons. The attachments shall be processed only if sent on demand of receiving party.

Delivering of Takedown notices

Complaining party is authorized to send its request by any of the means set below. Fastupload.io is considered informed of the infringement upon its reply to the notification. If no reply is sent within reasonable term, Fastupload.io advices to use other means of communication, as unreplied Takedown notices are deemed lost due to technical reasons (e.g. blocked as SPAM, subject to denial of service, lost due to software error etc.)