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Your Questions Answered

Your files will not be deleted as long as they are regularly downloaded. When a file no longer receives downloads, it becomes inactive and is subject to deletion. The number of days after non-active files are removed for unregistered accounts (30 Days), registered accounts (60 Days), and premium accounts (1 Year). Non-active = time since the last download.

Drag and drop the files into the uploader on fastupload. After the file upload is completed, you will be given a unique URL that can be shared with others.

Our service allows you to upload files of any type, such as .zip, .rar, .apk, video, and images, as long as they adhere to the Terms of Service.

No Limit is placed on the number of files that can be downloaded. Your file uploads can be accessed continuously and downloaded without any bandwidth restrictions.

Each file you upload must be no more than 10 GB for Unregistered/Registered accounts or 50 GB for premium accounts. If it is larger than that, your file will be rejected.

Yes. Hosting music and videos is allowed as long as the content adheres to terms and conditions and you have the copyright.

The file-hosting services offered by Fastupload.io are free for everyone.

Simply click the "download" button if you have been provided with a unique URL for an upload file.

Any file that violates any law, our terms and conditions, or has been flagged as malicious will be deleted immediately.

If you believe the uploaded file violates any laws or our terms of service, use the Report File page or email [email protected].

Account Packages

With our Premium Account Access, you can get more from fastupload.io