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LinDoz returns with advanced AI to upgrade MakuluLinux line-up

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LinDoz, an abandoned MakuluLinux distribution that was a perfect Windows-to Linux crossover, is bringing in the new year by introducing artificial intelligence and virtual cameras.

I spent the last few weeks working with a pre-final release version of this returned-from-the-shelf distro. The developer sent me a final version that was even better than the original, just days before LinDoz’s new release was due to be released.

MakuluLinux Developer Jacque Montague Raymond had put LinDoz on hold due to development issues caused by the constant changes upstream in the Cinnamon desktop. He decided to bring back LinDoz after the Cinnamon developers resolved those issues.

This rerelease of LinDoz is a reflection of the mantra of the distribution, “always pushing limits.” The beta versions I’ve used have proven that this return won’t disappoint, even though the idea of AI-powered Linux may seem scary.

AI hasn’t been integrated into the Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. AI is available in some OSes via web browsers and limited applications, but not integrated into the desktop core. LinDoz is unique because of this.

Raymer’s first AI experiment was with the release The MakuluLinux Max distro in June. MakuluLinux has been evolving since its creation in January 2019 and I’ve always enjoyed the releases. The introduction of AI in Raymer’s newest distro — Max — impressed me.

Raymer’s innovations, like buffering the Cinnamon Desktop with AI-driven Features, make the LinDoz a compelling Linux experience. His clever AI features and virtual webcam are simply too compelling to ignore.

The two concepts are already present in the MakuluLinux Shift Max distros. Their more advanced development here will still be the primary attraction for new users of this unique Linux operating system.

Raymer’s approach to integrating AI with the Linux desktop is a fascinating story. First, let’s have a quick look at LinDoz.

Desktop Enhancements

Cinnamon’s desktop may look familiar, but the Conky calendar view and system monitoring views have been added. These enhancements give it a Cinnamon desktop appearance that is not traditional.

LinDoz was designed to provide users with a familiar MS Windows interface as they migrate to Linux. You can choose from different appearance options depending on how much Windows-style you prefer.

The selection of theme appearance options, as well as other desktop display changes, is quick and easy.

Winetricks is included with default applications to run Microsoft Windows software. PlayOnLinux is also included, which works with Wine so you can play Windows games and Microsoft Office applications.

Raymer has made a significant change by choosing Microsoft Edge as his default web browser. He believes that more Linux users are switching to Edge than Google Chrome.

Raymer also deemed Edge’s reduced resource drain and use of Bing’s search engine as improvements over Chrome, despite the fact that both were based on identical code.

A third reason for his switching to the Edge browser is Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot built-in — the real-time intelligent assistance application launched as Bing Chat in February.

Noteworthy design Alterations

When you first open an app, the bottom panel will be transparent. When you minimize it, the panel will return its transparent appearance.

MakuluLinux LinDoz application panel

LinDoz was not designed with an office suite. If you don’t need an office suite, then you can still add it.

LinDoz offers the Linux Operating System. gedit text editor Also included are links to the online version of Microsoft Office 365. There are also links to Microsoft Office 365 online.

Additions to AI features at the Last Minute

Just in time for LinDoz’s debut, Interactive World is a virtual world created and maintained by AI. You tell the AI “Electra”, the persona of the LinDoz, what kind of world you’d like to create. It places you in the world once it’s been generated.

This world allows you to interact and do whatever you like. Do anything anywhere. You will always have consequences for your actions, whether they are good or bad.

Your options are limitless. The world will never end. It will continue until you end it. It saves your world when you exit so you can return to it later. Raymer said that you could end it, and then start a brand new world. It will be demonstrated. YouTube.

AI Fear Factors: Overcoming them

It can be frightening to give AI partial control of a system. LinDoz’s guardrails help reduce concerns about abuse.

You can disable the AI integration, or choose what content your computer and internet AI has access to. MakuluLinux offers three different flavors of AI intelligence. You can choose to only use one or two. Each has a different task to perform.

Chat Mode and Advisor Mode don’t have any access to your files. Raymer claims that the software is free to download and 100% safe.

MakuluLinux LinDoz AI options

The AI Control Panel will not be visible until you click to open it.

Chat takes on the persona of Electra. It offers text and audio interface options. Typing in the terminal allows you to interact with the Chat AI. You can read the answer in the terminal.

Use your voice to say “Electra”, and then state your question. Electra’s voice is a classic, computer-like sounding voice with a slight echo.

Raymer’s Electra has a distinct response in each mode. Asking a text-based question allows the AI AI to elaborate on the information provided by adding additional details.

He found that a lot of long computer-generated responses were boring and tiresome. He limited the spoken answer to the most important details in order to give a shorter response.

Ask and Answer

Raymer claims that you can talk to Electra as if it were a human. It will execute the Linux commands in order to accomplish the goal that you ask.

It is more innovative than Chat Mode because it serves a completely different purpose. Contrary to the chatty exchanges that occur in Chat Mode. Advisor Mode gives clear, no-nonsense instructions on how you can accomplish the task.

The Command Mode mentality is a powerful AI tool. Its job is to use the information that you provide to tell you what commands to give to achieve the desired response.

This mode can access the back-end of your computer. However, it only works when you start it by clicking on the Command icon. Then, point it in a certain direction. The access to your computer ends when you shut down the full-screen connection terminal.

Advisor Role Brings New Concept

Electra can take on different personalities depending on which AI module is activated. Chat mode, for example, uses a conversational style of response.

The tone of the Advisor mode changes from friendly to authoritative. You can ask how-to questions and receive a detailed answer.

This personal AI assistant, with Einstein-like capabilities, makes Linux use easier for both novices and experienced Linux users. AI functions allow you to avoid the need for research or menu browsing.

AI: Avoiding Concerns

Raymer is in agreement that giving AI access to the computer of a user can be dangerous.

“We’ve tried to limit access.” AI will be able to do this Only a few people know how to pronounce the word “only” You can ask it to do anything. “If you ask that it opens a file from a certain folder, it has only access to this folder,” he said.

“However it is AI, and it is still unpredictable. Users should always be cautious with it,” added he. “We are taking all precautions possible.”

I’m on my guard about AI and its potential to invade privacy. LinDoz’s divided duties is a novel approach that makes AI use more comfortable.

Inevitably more AI-powered Linux Distros will enter the fray. LinDoz is innovative enough to change the way AI is implemented in OSes.

Virtual Cam Innovation

Virtual Cam allows you to customize the live streaming experience. Raymer explains that this feature is similar to running Open Broadcaster Software, where you can add video streams as well as other features like a greenscreen and other customized effects.

This video control application embedded in the OS impressed me because of its customization. The features of this app are not available on other video cam applications.

Virtual Cam App in LinDoz offers a combination of sliders and options that allows for even greater control over virtual meeting sessions.

MakuluLinux LinDoz virtual cam controls and developer Jacque Montague Raymer

Jacque Montague-Raymer, a MakuluLinux software developer, is pictured in the Virtual Cam application.

Bottom Line

LinDoz is a powerful tool for integrating AI into desktop applications. Plus, the AI circuitry automatically updates daily several times, based on the developer’s instructions, and without user involvement. Overall, it is a simple concept to adopt.

Electra, unlike earlier AI efforts within ChatGPT has what appears to be limitless boundaries. This AI creation has no restrictions on the amount of information it can search. The responses will be more accurate, and they’ll include the most current information.

LinDoz’s desktop features, including AI and other AI-based functions, are available for a minimal fee as an add-on. The new LinDoz release allows you to test out all of the pro features by unlocking them in the Live Session mode.

You can upgrade to the Pro version after installing LinDoz. This is reasonable as Raymer pays money to have access to the AI engine built into MakuluLinux.

Download MakuluLinux LinDoz

LinDoz combines artificial intelligence with user-friendly features. download the latest version MakuluLinux’s official website.

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