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The Role of a Dedicated Development Team in Scaling Your Business

Staying competitive in the market requires aligning your business with customers’ needs and overcoming modern challenges. Scaling is a challenge that is difficult to overcome yet yields significant results. It refers to strategically planning and implementing changes that will increase revenue. Yet, it should not require immense effort and resources for investment.

Scaling is also a synonym for improving your product, marketing strategy, and overall business processes. To create a service that serves users’ needs and reaches new audiences, companies hire outsourced developers. Let’s see how a dedicated development team can level up your business. 

Who Are Dedicated Development Teams?

A dedicated development team model is a type of cooperation in which the client, a business owner, outsources software developers to work on a project. This offers many possibilities and benefits for companies that cooperate with the outsourced workforce.

Hiring dedicated development teams is suitable at any project stage, whether you are a startup seeking a way to gain a foothold in the market or an established company wanting to scale.

Why Scale with Outsourced Developers?

The Startup Genome study reveals that only 10% of startup companies succeed in scaling. However, hiring outsourced developers multiplies your chances, and here is why.

Optimized Hiring Process

Hiring an in-house specialist can take months of searching and require a lot of resources. However, not in the case of outsourcing. When you sign a contract with a dedicated development team, all the administrative processes are on them. You develop a plan where the liabilities and payments are specified. And as long as everything is on track, your involvement is unnecessary. 

Flexible Cooperation

Scaling success might be unpredictable. You can reach your goals quickly or look for more ways to achieve your destiny. A dedicated development team is more flexible, as you don’t have to always cooperate with them, unlike in-house developers, who require stability. Once the contract expires, you can stay on your own without a dedicated team and hire them once you need it.

Wide Pool of Talent

Dedicated development teams offer a diverse pool of specialists from around the globe. You can choose the top-rated professionals not restricted by the area, as in the case of the in-house staff. Also, a dedicated team consists of specialists who conduct a full development cycle: from project managers to quality assurance engineers. 

Reduced Costs

Recruiting a dedicated development team doesn’t include office supplies, employee management, or social benefits coverage costs. What you pay for is the scope of work performed by an outsourced team. 

Clear Process Management

Cooperation with outsourced developers has minimum people management responsibilities. You don’t have to control every employee and every task they perform. You can just direct your resources toward creating business solutions. Also, cooperation involves setting deadlines for the agreed scope of work to be done. This keeps the processes in shape, knowing that the work is delivered on time. 

How to Establish Effective Cooperation when Scaling

One of the common fears businesses have about outsourcing software developers is poor visibility of the process and a lack of communication. However, it is the client who sets the tone, so following these rules will shape your partnership into a seamless process:

  1. Provide clear expectations. The most common cause of misunderstandings is unclear instructions. The team will add the missing details, but they won’t be able to guess your expectations. Your task is to write a detailed plan of what you want to achieve, including the deliverables, objectives, and goals. Include references and your sketches for a better understanding.
  2. Set up regular meetings. To facilitate communication, make regular calls. This will help you understand the pace at which the developers are working and the stage of your project. In meetings, dedicated teams share updates and challenges for joint processing.
  3. Establish a feedback culture. Regular feedback helps to eliminate misunderstandings and define growth zones. Encourage the spirit of collaboration by asking for feedback from the developers. Also, timely and regular feedback from your side can help eliminate future amendments.
  4. Use management tools. Although the dedicated team has its own management procedures, joint management instruments can help both parties understand the scope of work, task completion, and overall strategy. Popular Asana, Trello, Jira, or Basecamp tools can be of help. 

When Is the Right Time to Scale with a Dedicated Development Team?

Some factors indicate your readiness to scale and hire outsourced developers. If one or several scenarios apply to your business, you can be sure outsourcing will be a winning decision.

Your Startup is Growing Quickly

If your idea continues to gain momentum, you can plan to scale. Startups usually have budget constraints, but when hiring outsourced developers, this issue won’t stand in the way. You can cooperate in the short term and gain the needed improvement to grow. 

You Need Skilled Professionals 

Searches for first-class developers for an in-house cooperation model can take months. Dedicated development teams offer access to a diverse and specifically trained pool of talent. Thus, you can get the best expertise without investing a lot of time and resources. 

Your Product Demand Is Rising, and Customers’ Needs Are Changing

When you get to the moment of business creation when your customers already want more, that is the time to implement new features. To avoid losing your clients, you have to constantly develop and offer new tailored solutions to meet their expectations. 

Final Words

Scaling is the stage in business development that requires new ideas and their implementation. A dedicated development team is a model of cooperation that helps companies effectively improve their existing products. Outsourcing developers comes with numerous benefits, like optimized hiring and management processes, flexible cooperation, cost-effectiveness, and clear process management.

By establishing an open communication and feedback culture, businesses can maximize the benefits of cooperation with dedicated development teams.